Rolex Submariner ref. 16610LV ‘Kermit Flat 4’ (B+P 2004)


Articlenr. RO4807

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Rolex introduced the reference 16610LV, better known as ‘The Kermit’, in 2003. In addition to the obvious change in the color of the bezel, the 16610LV was also the first Submariner with the new maxi dial. The Kermit had only been in production for 7 years and was replaced in 2010 by the reference 116610LV, known as ‘The Hulk’. During these 7 years of production, Rolex made many minor adjustments to the 116610LV. The most famous is ‘the flat four’, which indicates that the number ‘4’ on the bezel has a flat top. Only certain serial numbers (Y and F) have this feature. The watch we offer dates from 2004 and has an F serial number. The watch is powered by caliber 3135 and comes with the inner and outer box, the original papers, booklets and tags 🐸

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  • Full set 2004